Undocumented 9/11 Ground Zero Workers and the End of Zadroga

September 11, 2015

“If I was deported, I would not be able to receive treatment at the clinic,” said Mauricio. “Currently I am on a lot of different medications that help keep me alive: if I was sent back to Ecuador, I would not be able to get them.”

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GOP Debate Downplays Immigration

August 11, 2015

The 2015 Republican Debate in Cleveland, Ohio, has officially come and gone. Immigration advocates were not pleased.

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August 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton has had quite the history with our countries prison systems. As First Lady, she supported her husband, former President Bill Clinton, on Three Strikes Legislation to “get tough on crime.”

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Donald Trump: Idiocracy Run Amok

July 7, 2015

Trump’s biggest sin against the Republicans is putting in a bigoted scream that which the GOP often says in whispers. Now the GOP needs to deal with it.

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How LGBT and Immigrant Rights Progress Together: Undocuqueers

June 29, 2015

Much like discussions around complicated issues like biracial identity, Undocuqueer organizers find themselves divided between cultural worlds with one foot in a movement overwhelmingly speaking on behalf of and for Latinos, the other in the LGBT community, all while suffering the indignities of undocumented status.

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