Mobile Drug Testing

Do you know that the consumption of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse has skyrocketed in the last few years? Today, drug abuse is a real threat to our society, and many organizations are playing their role in making their societies safe from substance abuse. Among other drug tests, mobile drug testing for staff is most important for most businesses maintaining the no drugs policy standards.

American mobile drug testing has evolved to help different businesses maintain their standards of no drug policy and to ensure that their companies are drug-safe.

What exactly is mobile drug testing for staff?

Alcohol and drug testing outside a clinic, such as onsite testing at a workplace or the scene of an accident, is known as mobile drug testing. In the USA, drug abuse is rambling, and according to one research, more than 19% of Americans have used illegal drugs. So, many businesses, small or big, accept USA mobile drug testing as a measure to safeguard both their workers and themselves.

Employee drug testing is vital to a successful business plan to combat drug use and abuse risks. For several reasons, your business can demand mobile drug tests. Instead of planning employee schedules and sending them to different labs, hiring a technician to do their drug test at your company's premises might be more convenient — or less expensive — to hire a technician. Many companies need mobile drug testing services to determine whether their employees are using drugs at the time of hiring and throughout their employment with the company. With this information, the company can decide whether to keep the employee.

Benefits of mobile employer drug testing

Mobile employer drug testing has many benefits, some of them are:

A Safe and Secure Workplace

Physical and mental security are two types of safety and security that might exist in the workplace. A company that has one or more employees who use drugs puts the safety of the rest of the staff at risk. Due to the severe violent dispositions of drug users, there is a chance for serious violence.

Other employees may also experience a non-physical form of abuse from the abusers, such as bullying, verbal spats, clashes, etc. When these characters have positions of authority, the working environment for those who report to them becomes intolerable. To improve safety and security in the workplace, mobile drug testing helps to identify drug users and get them out of the company.

Convenient for Employees

Mobile drug testing is very adaptable and convenient for employees. It provides a practical way to evaluate your staff. You can quickly run the mobile drug test based on reasonable suspicion or in response to a post-accident request for a drug test.

Agreement with Legal Regulations

Agreement with legal regulations is crucial for every business. No business wants to deal with regulatory obligations that are not being followed. A company that violates the law risks encountering sanctions and other legal obligations. Specific US regulations obligate businesses to provide a drug-free workplace for their employees. Certain employers are legally required to take action against drug usage in the workplace according to specific federal regulations.

Quick and Genuine Test Results

Mobile drug testing allows companies to have genuine and quick drug test results. So, mobile drug tests can eradicate the possibility of results manipulation.

Increase Employee Productivity

A safe and drug-free environment can significantly increase employees' productivity. Drug addiction affects people's capacity for clear thinking. Employees' competence to accomplish their responsibilities is affected by unclear cognitive processes. It won't be long before the behavior affects the staff's ability to perform their task efficiently. So, USA mobile drug testing is essential for companies in America to rule out drug abusers.

Healthy working environment

Drug abuse is accompanied by various behaviors, such as nervousness, intolerance, violence, poor concentration, and outbreaks. Such conduct may result in the accused causing damage to others at work. Every employee has a right to a secure and healthy workplace. Protecting all employees against the possibility of an insecure workplace is the company's duty.

Having a drug-abusing employee puts the health and safety of other workers at risk and could result in legal issues for the business. So, the companies that employ workers with drug issues are also accountable for their actions. Therefore, mobile drug testing services are frequently the best and quickest solution to handle these circumstances.

No margin for drug detox

Mobile drug testing leaves no room for marijuana detox or other substance detoxification. Some people use detox drinks to pass the drug tests when they receive the request to have the drug test from their company. So, if the employee has had the drug, he'll be caught without having the chance to play tricks to pass the drug test.

USA mobile drug testing businesses

Besides the presence of many on site drug testing companies, small businesses in the USA usually hire several mobile drug-testing businesses for their regular drug test. One advantage of hiring mobile drug-testing businesses is that the organization can plan effectively within known schedules and have the companies available with short notice if there are specified providers for the service.

Mobile drug-testing companies in the US use many testing options, including pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and DOT drug testing.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Professionals implemented pre-employment drug testing to ensure that the 1988 Drug-free Workplace Act was properly followed. Pre-employment drug testing is a component of the American screening procedure during the hiring process. Every business may wish to know a person's drug usage history before hiring them.

Therefore, before any company hires a worker, it may want to screen a potential employee by administering drug tests. The candidate will undergo a drug test as part of the American screenings. So, it is encouraged for businesses to conduct drug tests and ensure they are reliable.

Random Drug Tests

You can test for drug use among your employees using a random drug test or provide random drug testing to your workers. Thanks to mobile testing, random drug tests are now simple to conduct in a workplace. You can conduct random drug tests without alerting your personnel beforehand with the help of mobile drug testing companies. The employees must be available on short notice because they never know when the tests will be conducted.

The element of surprise is used by organizations as a preventative and control measure so that employees have no chance to stay clean before planned testing time since they are unaware of the test dates. Different drug testing methods can be used to conduct random drug tests, including saliva drug tests, urine drug tests, mouth swabs drug tests, and many others.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing can test any situation with a reasonable basis to suspect drug abuse. Corporations may conduct reasonable suspicion drug tests when they have reason to believe that some employees may be drug users or when they have an impression that a particular employee may be impaired by alcohol or other drugs. For instance, the employees may exhibit traits like impatience, violence, outbreaks, anxiety, and many others that indicate they may be drug users.

The identification and testing procedures should be carried out within the boundaries of current drug regulations to safeguard the company from potential legal action. The employer should be informed that, in the event of a false accusation, they run the danger of being sued by the employee.

Post-Accident Drug Tests

Following an incident at your workplace, you can ask an employee to take an alcohol and drug test. Such tests are required for businesses carrying out contracts with or under the authority of the Department of Transportation (DOT) law. You need a mobile drug test laboratory for this kind of urgent drug test. However, you must ensure that the test complies with your alcohol and drug abuse policy.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

The Drug-Free Workplace Program was established to reduce the use of alcohol and illegal substances. The introduction of this program was necessary due to the negative effects of substance usage, which result in decreased productivity, workplace accidents, and absenteeism.

If your business implements this approach, you have effectively put a check on your employees. Here, mobile drug testing will come in handy by assisting you in conducting tests at random.

DOT Drug Testing

All employees executing tasks covered by the Department of Transportation's regulations are subject to obligatory DOT drug testing. The Department of Transportation's guidelines and regulations should be followed when administering the DOT testing at your company.

This protects the company from sanctions and rescission if its employees engage in drug addiction and create a safe and secure work environment. And upon hiring, the business must notify the new hires of the policy. Therefore, the company's best advantage is consistently enforcing drug-free workplace policies for employees subject to the policy.

Background Checks

Background checks are crucial to recruiting employees in any company – big or small – to govern a candidate's suitability. It is accomplished by acquiring a potential employee's public and private information. This investigation will also examine the applicant's past involvement with drugs or alcohol. Companies must ensure that background checks are conducted according to state laws and regulations. They won't be violating these people's right to privacy by doing this.

Mobile drug testing companies in the USA

Some of the best mobile drug testing companies in the USA are:

  • National Mobile Drug Testing: This company offers drug test services nationwide.
  • The USA Mobile Drug Testing Franchise can be discovered in every state. They have been predicted to rank among the nation's top mobile drug-testing businesses.
  • Austin Mobile Drug Testing is one of the most exceptional mobile drug testing companies.


In the US, are there free drug test clinics?

Yes, there are several non-governmental organizations and charitable institutions that have a mission to end drug usage and provide treatments at no cost.

Where can I go for drug screening?

For federal agencies and regulated industries, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a list of accredited laboratories that can do drug screening. For those who want to test for drugs or whose employers need to test their staff, there are numerous drug screenings accessible in the US.

Does the mobile drug test increase productivity?

Mobile drug tests improve employee productivity. Moreover, the level of absenteeism that was common with the onsite method has decreased thanks to the mobile drug testing service.

After use, how long do drugs stay in the body?

How long a person has used medications will determine how long they stay in their system. When substances like marijuana are used frequently, the stay can extend between three to four weeks instead of the two to four days resulting from occasional usage.